Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Streaming Content vs Buying Content

I've been thinking a lot recently about streaming content on services like Netflix vs buying content on services like iTunes and Google Play. Up until now I've relied solely upon Netflix for my TV and movie needs. As a reformed pirate, I find I'm more inclined to pay for content wherever I possibly can these days or search out free offerings on YouTube and Vimeo. This also goes for other media, too. I sponsor a couple of podcasts via Patreon, I use Comixology for my comics and my local library for eBooks and Audio Books.

The release of the movie "The Interview" was a bit of turning point for me. I decided to purchase it rather than pirate or even rent it and invited a friend over for a viewing. It was one of the first times a major motion picture had been released for home viewing in place of the planned theatrical release so I kind of felt like I was buying a piece of history so to speak. While visiting Google Play I noticed several free offerings had been added to my library over the years such as Ice Age, Big, Gravity and, unfortunately, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I've since gone on to expand my collection with some of my all time favorite movies and recently added Interstellar and Mad Max: Fury Road. Before now I was on the fence about buying content rather than streaming it because I wasn't sure about simply "owning the license to view" as opposed to owning the physical media. What if Google Play and/or iTunes go away one day? What happens to that media I "own". I now rationalise it the following way: Years ago we all had VHS collections. Eventually those old tapes got worn out and unplayable, VCRs eventually stopped being sold and people would go on to buy a DVD collection. DVD discs aren't built to last either and do have a shelf life before they become unplayable. I like to think of Google Play as the VCR or DVD player in this model. I will own that movie for as long as Google Play is around and I would like to hope/think that Google Play will last longer than VCRs did. So going forward I'm a Netflix user and purchaser of my all time favourites on Google Play.  How do you consume your content? Cable TV, streaming, online purchasing, piracy? Some combination of the above or mostly just one of those methods?

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Steam on Linux - LibGl error

Having the LibGl.so.1 missing error when running Steam on Linux? I got this on my 64Bit laptop running the latest BunsenLabs alpha.

After extensive Google searches and almost being ready to give up I came across a tip to try this:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx:i386

After that Steam would run...but then I discovered there was no Linux compatible version of Lego Worlds available for download.  Bugger.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Comment Spam

I seem to be plagued by comment spam recently. I took to setting comments to be moderated but that just means people won't see the spam and I still get notified and have to deal with it. From now on comments won't need moderation but will be subjected to a captcha. I'm giving the SI CAPTCHA plugin a go.   I suppose if I want legitimate, non-spammy comments then I should start writing some decent content once in a while, eh?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Valiant Comics

Those who know me know that I enjoy reading comics now and then. Just recently I started to see some Marvel titles drop off my pull list because either the series had ended (She-Hulk, Amazing X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man) or I didn't find the series that interesting anymore (Ant-Man, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men).

Marvel has decided to shake things up with an event called Secret Wars which will see the end to of the 616 and Ultimate universes. Usually these events require the reading of multiple different tie-in books along with the main event book itself. As usual I've decided to sit this one out but I'm starting to realise this event is going to be bigger than your average Marvel event. Instead, I've taken a bolder approach. I'm down to just 3 Marvel titles on my pull list: Hulk, Ms Marvel and, my favourite, Daredevil. I think Hulk may be done for now anyway because of Secret Wars. That leaves me with just 2. Instead of adding more Marvel I've decided to branch out a bit and look at other publishers. I'm not a DC fan and they seem to be having some huge event going on right now, too. I like Image and read Saga in trade paperback. If you're over 18, read comics and you're not reading Saga then you need to rectify that now! I was subscribed to the amazing Alex and Ada from Image but I'm sad to say that series is coming to an end with the next issue.  As for other Image titles, I've found them to be very hit and miss plus I'm looking for some books that inhabit the same universe.

Valiant appeared on my radar recently with their Divinity mini series. I read up on their background and they have their own very manageable universe with only 7 or so ongoing titles. Better yet they launched the current universe as recently as 2012 so it's not too daunting to catch up. I started with Archer and Armstrong and loved it!  It was everything a comic should be: great stories, fantastic characters, amazing art and damn good fun. The series ended at issue 25 and I'm all caught up. I'm now reading Ivar - Timewalker, Ninjak and Bloodshot Reborn while I catch up on Harbinger and X-O Manowar. The thing I like about Valiant Comics is that it's a young universe with only a few titles and the odd miniseries. The mini series stories are only 4 or 5 books long and pull in character combos from the other titles. Plus they've gone on record as saying when someone dies in a Valiant comic they stay dead. No Lazarus Pit or crazy retcon to save them. It also doesn't hurt then when you buy their books digitally through Comixology you can also download a DRM free cbz copy to keep on your hard drive so all your books are backed up.  So now my pull list contains 2 Marvel titles and 3 Valiant titles with more to be added soon I'm sure*. If you're tired of the Big Two comics companies and want to try something  new then I highly recommend Valiant Comics.

*I also subscribe to the outstanding Bandette from Monkey Brain Comics. It's only $0.99 and comes out every few months but it's still a delight.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Less Distractions

I'm on a social media diet. It started with me uninstalling Facebook and Twitter from my phone, then not using the mobile sites.  I then found myself thinking no one would likely be interested in my ramblings on Facebook and, to be honest, I'm not particularly interested in 90% of what I see on Facebook or Twitter. So, for now I'll not be using either of those sites and I got rid of Instagram for a while, too.  It's amazing how often I've found myself going to pull up one of those sites on my phone or PC before stopping myself. I've been reading books and comics a lot more recently and I have some documentaries and movies to catch up on so maybe I can use some of that useless time in those activities.

I'll probably write more here but really it's for my own benefit. I find writing here gets me to think more about what I want to say rather than just spewing it out onto social media.  We'll see how long this lasts, shall we?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Pebble Watch Review

When the Pebble was announced back in 2012 I was a little sceptical. Do people really need to be that connected? Are we so lazy we can't take our phones out of our pockets? I liked the design features of the watch (long battery, water resistance, light weight) but I didn't think I was ready to throw down almost $200 Canadian for a novelty wrist watch.  My dim view of wearable tech increased upon the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The promise of a Android system on your wrist in the form of a bulky, heavy looking, brightly coloured watch just held no appeal for me.

Over the past couple of years I've slowly changed my mind while keeping an eye on this quickly growing new sector of the hardware market. My phone usage habits and the recent drop in price of the Pebble prompted me to re-think the idea of a wearable device and so I dropped $119 on a Pebble watch to see what all the fuss was about.

The Good
I don't usually pay too much attention to packaging but I have to admit I love the tiny little box the Pebble arrived in and the way everything was packaged so neatly inside. It reminded me of the way the Kindle was packaged and so easy to unbox and start using.  The watch itself feels easily just as light weight as my treasured Casio Calculator CA53W watch although the watch face itself sits a little higher on the wrist.  Very soon after opening, the watch was powered up and I was able to load apps and watchfaces from my bluetooth connected phone using the Pebble app.  So far I have no complaints over the range of apps and how easy they are to configure. I won't go into much detail about individual apps but I will call out a couple of my favourites so far:

Roku Remote - I've used this a few times instead of getting up and hunting for where the kids may have stashed the remote.
Google Authenticator - This is much more convenient way for me to access my 2FA codes for Google and Lastpass and will also work if I'm not in possession of my phone. I don't like to think about the possibility of my phone being stolen but should that ever happen I'd be able to access my accounts easily from the nearest internet enabled PC/Device using the codes on my watch.
Tea Steeping Timer - All too often has a cup of Green Tea been ruined by over-steeping. No more is this the case!
There's also a crap tonne of apps for the exercised inclined folks out there. Most allow easy access to data while running, cycling, swimming, etc so you don't have to go digging in your sweat pants pocket.

In addition to these apps I can choose a watchface from one of the thousands available online. I can also remotely control my music/podcasts/audio books using the built in Music app. This may sound like a first world problem but I do find it annoying to dig my phone out of my pocket to pause my audio when one of my kids comes in to ask me something. I'm usually telling them to go and ask their mum most of the time but it's nice to have my audio paused while I do that. I can now pause my music by pushing a couple of buttons on my watch even while I'm doing the dishes because look....how cool is this???

Another built-in app is the notification system that allows me to take a quick glance at incoming email and "Dismiss", "Archive", or "Display on my Phone". I can also do that with SMS and, with the beta firmware installed, Google Hangouts. For SMS and Hangouts I can choose a template reply such as "OK", "No", "Sounds good", "LOL", "On my way" and a bunch of others including emoticons.

The main things I like about ereaders is the crisp, glare free, easy to read display and the amazing battery life. Both of these features also shine with the Pebble. The screen is very readable in daylight and a quick shake of the wrist will light the display in darkness. The battery life is insane. I'm 4 days into my first charge and I'm still at 60%. That's also while I've been playing around configuring it, don't forget.

The Bad
I only have a couple of gripes with the watch. The first one isn't really too much of an issue with the functions as it is with the design. I can't speak to the comfort of the Pebble Steal but the strap on the basic model is a little uncomfortable, at least for me. I can go most of the working day without noticing it but by mid-afternoon my wrist becomes a little sore and I find myself taking it off. It's due to the bulky clasp, guard and thick material used for the strap. I was considering returning the watch because of this but that was before I had really dived into app market. I've now opted to go with a different strap.

My other complaint is that I had to tinker a fair bit with the watch to get the auto replies and notifications working the way I wanted them to with Google Hangouts. I had to install the beta firmware and phone app and it's all good now. It looks like these features will show up before too long for all other users.

I got the watch knowing I could return it to Futureshop for a full refund within 14 days. Aside from the comfort issue with the strap I haven't really considered doing so. I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with it and exploring more apps from the Pebble market place. The company have hinted at newer hardware out later this year which initially made me second guess purchasing the current model. However, any future device has still not been officially announced and would likely be more expensive than the current watch. There's also no guarantee I'd like the direction they go with the newer hardware so I'm happy to go ahead with this first generation version.  All in all I'd say the watch is a good buy but I would issue this word of caution for anyone considering it: It's a passive device. That's one thing that I think helped me to wrap my head around getting one. Don't expect it to change your life as much a smart phone or tablet has. This is not something to occupy you the way a those devices do. A phone or tablet is something you go to to use, play and create with. A wearable is something that merely delivers data to you and doesn't offer many input capabilities but that's ok. That's the way it's meant to be and I think the devices that will be successful in this area are the ones that manage to walk that line well.

**UPDATE:  My wrist must have become accustomed to the strap as I've had no issues the past couple of days.**

Monday, 1 December 2014

Another Adventure in Cord Cutting

Shaw are bonkers but I love it. Last year they gave me 25Mbps internet for a promotional period of 6 months. Regular price $60 but I would only have to pay $30.
When the promotion was over they said if I added cable I could jump into another 6 month promotion at $50 so I did that. I was saving myself $10 by adding an extra service I wouldn’t use. The cable box sat at the top of my closet gathering dust.
Well, now that promotion is at an end. I called to cancel the cable TV portion and they said that rates are increasing come 2015 so my original 25Mbps internet only service is going up and will be $67 per month starting in January. Then they say I can get into another promotion. This one is $60 per month and I’ll get 50Mbps internet, cable and landline phone. I said yes and so my cable box will stay at the top of my closet and go unused, along with the landline phone while I enjoy faster internet and then I’ll have another chat with them around June.